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PREPS Microwave Digestion System



The PreeKem Robot Enhanced Preparation station (PREPS)based on vector modeling provides high density microwave field, and the precise PID control technology ensures the stability and reproducibility of the reaction. The intuitive software design, even a completely inexperienced operator, can be familiar with the whole operation in less time. PREPS could allow an individual method for different sample in each single vessel.

Release your hands, just sample weighing
You only need to weigh the sample and let PREPS to handle the rest process.
Precise robot arm
Precision three-dimensional robot arm can fulfill the function of adding acid, mixing, digestion, volume metering and sample transfer.
Excellent stability
17 years dedication in microwave digestion can create a total innovative unattended system.
Thorough digestion and fast cooling
Single-mode Microwave Focusing Technology Combine With Vortex Blower Cooling System Limits The Whole Process 10-15 Minutes.
Safety Performance
The intelligent/dynamic pressure control technology and infrared temperature monitoring system control the real-time pressure and temperature, which provide the highest level of security.


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