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S1 Sub-boiling Acid Purifier



S1 sub-boiling acid purifier adopts classic sub-boiling distillation approach and works to achieve a dynamically delicate balance between automatic control of heat convection and acid vaporization. The instrument control is designed to enable intelligent operating and handling of any task, making even an unmanned acid purification session possible in the fume hood. The device is constructed with absolutely zero quartz or metal parts, entirely eliminating the occurrence of corrosion and outside contamination from happening.

1. 3D surrounding heating mode to improve energy utilization in a more efficient and even manner.
2. Feed acid to be injected from the bottom via specially designed delivery channel to reduce length of passage and eliminate contamination.
3. Pt100 temp sensor to provide accurate control of acid heating.
4. Optimized geometry of cooling chamber to provide highly efficient condensation.
5. Built-in distillation method archive, real-time display of distillation progress.



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