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EXTRA Automated Solid Phase Extraction System



Tailored to the requirement of modern laboratory, EXTRA  automated solid phase extraction system is specially designed to handle small volume samples for high throughput. After simple settings, EXTRA will finish all the solid phase extraction process to reduce the harm to operators brought by the solvents. The applications involve pesticide residues, veterinary residues, food additives, drug abuse and forensic medicine.


  1. Large space design accommodates up to 5 racks and 108 samples a batch.
  2. Four individual channels can handle four samples simultaneously to improve efficiency greatly.
  3.  The spool of the multi position valve is made of ceramic, preventing liquid leakage and corrosion.
  4. Accessing up to 8 solvents at one time offers more choice and more convenience.
  5. Liquid level tracking system allows the probe fall following the liquid level.
  6. Solvent library and method library are customizable for ease of call
  7. The waste can be collected separately by a waste segregated collection system.
  8.  Automatically switch the pressurized gas to dry SPE cartridge and tubes.
  9. Collect up to 9 fractions to meet the requirements of operators.
  10. The probe wash station combines rinsing of outer wall and inner wall.


Determination of quinolones in milk and milk power- LC-MS-MS method

  1. Condition-5mL MeOH, 5mL H2O, 5mL PBS (0.05mol/L) (flow rate 2mL/min)
  2. Load sample- 8mL sample extract (flow rate 1mL/min)
  3. Rinse-4mL water, 4mL 25% MeOH aqueous solution (flow rate 2mL/min)
  4. Dry- Dry SPE cartridge for 15 min with N2
  5. Elute- 4mL 5% Ammonia solution in MeOH
  6. Concentrate- Dry to about 0.2mL with N2
  7. Dilute- Dilute with 15/85 MeOH/formic acid solution 1mL
  8. Analyze- LC-MS-MS

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