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N1 Automated Evaporation System


N1 Automated Evaporation System is specialized in fast sample concentration in large batch. With patented gas distribution technology, unique exhaust system and vortex nitrogen blow, it’s faster in evaporation and more homogeneous in concentration. The system is compact, easy to use and embedded with safety pre-warning function. It’s found wide application in pesticide residue, veterinary residue, food safety and judicial test area.

■ Ease-to- use 7”LCD touch screen indicates pressure.
■ Vortex blow technique efficiently speeds up evaporation.
■ Unique gas distribution technology improves the concentration parallelism with homogeneous flow from each spout.
■ Tilting cover and special-designed gas passage effectively avoid the gathering of vapor.
■ PID temperature control with ±1℃ accuracy.
■ Max 10 stored-in method for reference.
■ 28 unit tray and 50 unit tray as option.
■ Whole body stainless steel, solvent and acid proof.


Cover-open protection
During evaporation, gas will be shut down to avoid solvent splash when cover is open

Temperature alarm
The alarm will be on when the system is over heated

Pressure alarm
The alarm will be on when the pressure is higher or lower than set value


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