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Dear customers and colleagues:

Thanks to your support and trust, Preekem has successfully entered its 18th year of operation.

I am very pleased that Preekem has gained a stable team with special know-how and professional ethics throughout R & D, Sales, Manufacture and After Service departments in the past decade. The most important is that the whole team shares the same vision and has continually achieved amazing accomplishments, which established Preekem as the leading player in sample pretreatment area.

Preekem was founded in 2000 and started its business from microwave digestion. We firstly launched WX-2000, an in-house microwave digestion system, in 2001. With the conception of innovation, Preekem constantly developed microwave synthesizer, microwave extraction and microwave moisture analyzer. As organic sample took up a large quantity as well, Preekem enriched its product line with Automatic SPE, GPC and Evaporation system in 2015. In 2017, Preekem brought the innovative breakthrough-PREPS fullly automated microwave digestion system into market. PREPS, contrary to the traditional microwave digestion system, it streamlines the acid adding, sample transfer etc, manual steps into automatic process.

As a growing company, Preekem pays more attention to innovation, quality and service rather than cut-throat competition. Looking back to the past 18 years, we gradually adopted  advanced Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management System, consequently realized ‘Zero Inventory’ management. In pace with growing reputation of Stabilization and Quality, Preekem has won increasing attention from oversea customers. Now we have expanded our business to United States, Republic of Korea, Germany, Australia, Italy and Russia.

Today, I would like to thank the whole team and our customers, who are standing shoulder to shoulder with me from beginning till now. Preekem always tries the best to be more innovative, to respect every suggestion from the end user, to give out tailor-made solutions and to win up our value. That’s the way Preekem builds up a world-renowned enterprise.


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